Kudelka presented his list of watermelon strikeouts for Heller


As Blue Blue rushes to close the reinforcements that are inside our borders before Christmas, it's time to think of the heavyweight names that will make the squad a powerful one for 2019, thinking about the Copa Libertadores and the National Tournament that must face .

That is why, according to the Cooperative, Carlos Heller met in Argentina with Frank Darío Kudelka and together they created a list of foreign values ​​that the coach urgently needs to give a new face to the blue box.

The meeting was held last weekend in Buenos Aires, where the technician traveled from Cordoba to receive the president, who was accompanied by Sabino Aguad, who paints to be Azul Azul's next manager.

The list of Kudelka began with the name of Emanuel Reinoso, of the Boca Juniors, that he directed in Workshops. The attacker has been following him for some time, since he was unable to add minutes to the "Xeneize" team.

The second name was the defender Sergio Vittor, who in the last tournament defended the University of Concepción, but finished his loan returned to Racing, where he does not score.

In addition to the advice of Sergio Bou, although it seems a more distant option at the moment.

For the same reason, Heller's delegation had the idea of ​​presenting itself directly with the guidelines of the Argentinean cadres, although Kudelka also offered to conduct negotiations in a personal way with the players, in order to close them as soon as possible.

But they are not the only names, because this trip would also have a stop in Cordoba, where they would sit with the people of the Workshops.

Azul Azul's temptation will be with Carlos Quintana, with whom there has already been a rapprochement with the Pachuca group (the same as Everton) for his pass.

He also spoke to the leader Sebastian Palacios, currently in Pachuca, but owned by the group, who already talked to Kudelka to resume the pace of the competition.


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