Known cosplayer explained his reasons for not getting into the reality of Mega


A new reality has in mind the Mega, with the channel already moving its chips to have the participants.

Someone who was offered to join the program went to Catalina Salazar, la cosplayer known as Icata, who in his account on Twitter said he rejected the offer.

In conversation with La Cuarta, the host of "Fox Players" explained his reasons. "I have other projects on the radio and on TV. And they were more valuable than a reality show, "he said.

"I was not comfortable because it was too physical, more survival and I'm zero with that, so in the end it was not my thing, I had thought more about the silver issue and all that, but when I'm 30 and I'm not successful there I'm still fine. There were more things at this point in my career as a journalist than in a moment of fame"he said.


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