For many users of the Dubai airline, Emirateswould be A dream realized traveling in an airplane covered from end to end with crystals and diamonds. And although it is only a utopia, for now, the artist Sara Shakeel made it "possible" create a job which shows a ship that dazzles by its brilliance, the best style "bling, bling", through a retouched photograph.

The company renamed the aircraft "Bling 777", referring to the fashion aesthetics used in hip hop culture, taken over by rap singers, who wear ostentatious and shiny jewelry, Infobae said.

Shakeel published his stunning creation on Tuesday and Emirates liked the image so much that it asked for permission to publish it and in exchange it upgraded it on its flight from Pakistan to Milan.

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The artist creates his works manipulating images or photos of any kind, from people to common objects.

"Crystals and diamonds are my means of looking across this world. Bright, brilliant and valuable, I see them as something to be taken care of … I add crystals and diamonds to the most common objects of everyday life, "Shakeel told Forbes.

After being published by the Emirates company's Instagram account, the image of the airplane received more than 400,000 "tanned".

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