Know the amount and make sure you can access the benefit


As of this year, the most well-known "Permanent Family Contribution" March bonus will be delivered on February 15 of all years.

According to government estimates, this benefit may more than one and a half million families.

As for the amount of the bonus for this 2019, according to calculations of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of December, it can be established that the amount will arrive $ 46,371. Thousands more pesos compared to the year 2018.

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What are the requirements to access this benefit?

To have the March bonus it is not necessary for users to postpone, but those who meet the requirements must receive them automatically.

Within the benefits, there are two groups:

A group: Corresponds to low-income families who have received Maternal or Maternal Maternity; also includes those who have received the Family Allowance. Values ​​that were collected on December 31 of the previous year.

Group B: Families belonging to Chile Solidario or the Subsystem of Securities and Opportunities.

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I am a beneficiary How do I withdraw the money?

The March Bonus are administered by the Institute of Social Security (IPS), therefore, those who have this and other benefits (Bolsa Família and others), You can receive the amount along with your usual payment.

In the case of people who have Routine account of BancoEstado, a deposit will be made on your account, so no procedure should be done.

Where can I check if I can access the March bonus?

To find out if you are a beneficiary, simply enter your Rute and date of birth in the following link or click on the image.


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