Tuesday , April 20 2021

Kit Harington: naked photos of actor Jon Swon, accuse him of infidelity and this responds | Leslie Rose | Game of Thrones | Celebrities | Mexico | Contact Us | Shows

Kit Harington was accused of having been unfaithful to his wife Leslie Rose after they leaked some supposed photos of him totally naked. The actor of Game of Thrones broke his silence and referred to this serious accusation. Marital crisis?

A couple of days ago, the Russian model, Olga Vlaslova He published some photos in his personal account on Instagram, boasting of his new achievement, causing great surprise among his followers because he was Jon Snow's interpreter and they were not romantic cards, but they showed him without clothes and sleeping in bed ( apparently from a hotel).

Immediately, the international media accused Kit Harington of infidelity because a couple of months ago he married Leslie Rose, whom he met in the recordings of the famous series game of Thrones.

Olga Vlaslova He said he had sex with Jon Snow's actor on more than one occasion. According to the Russian model, both would have "started a clandestine relationship in Luxembourg."


Being a world-renowned figure, the media sought the actor's response and did so through his representative. "The accusations in this rumor are completely false. He has not even been to Luxembourg, nor does he know Olga Vlaslova," said agent E! This statement reassured the thousands of fans the Briton and his wife have.

Although Kit Harington and Leslie Rose They kept their relationship in complete reserve and did not stage any other scandal beyond this.


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