Kast does not give Piñera any respite: "The damage this government caused to the Carabineros is of incalculable size"


The former presidential candidate accused the government of Sebastián Piñera of "becoming one of the most harmed Araucanía" and said that "despite the promising start, he ended up abdicating his promises and validating terrorism." . So ask for the return of the Jungle Command to the area.

From the hardest wing of the Chilean right, former presidential candidate Jose Antonio Kast is definitely determined to become a rock in the shoes of Sebastián Piñera's government. The leader of the Republican Action attacked the Executive again as a result of his actions in the case of Catrillanca, the policies in La Araucanía and his relationship with the Carabineros, observing that this government "today becomes one of the ones that caused him the most damage to Araucanía" .

"Today, terrorists are stronger and have more confidence in their sinister goals than 9 months ago. Today, the Carabineros have less confidence and less support from the government," said the former deputy in a column published on the site El Libero, entitled "Jungle Government".

He affirms that "the damages that this Government caused to the Carabineros are of incalculable dimensions and will require a lot of effort, patience and commitment to rebuild the moral and motivational crust of one of the most important institutions of the country".

Kast's annoyance is focused on announcing the withdrawal of the area's Jungle Command, noting that it is a "very serious error and a renunciation of each government's duty to defend its citizens." We are still in time to back down in this measure and take up the fight against terrorism and the violence that is unleashed in Araucanía. "" This is what an orderly and responsible government must do to distinguish itself from one that has become, in this case, a true jungle, "he said.

Kast's criticism of the right wing of the sector and his appeal to the "terrorism" he appreciates in the area was a signal collected in the interpellation in the House of Representatives by Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, for the Case Catrillanca. Hence the allusion of the chief of staff in reviving the case Luchsinger Mackay, detail that was captured on Twitter by President Sebastián Piñera to comment on other acts of violence in the area as "the cowardly church fire with women and children, and the fire." in most schools of Mapuche children. "

"Validating terrorism"

In this line, according to Kast, the "central problem of Araucanía is not poverty or underdevelopment, it is violence" and, in this sense, he attacked the actions of the Executive in this matter, reminding him that "the coalition that allowed Sebastián Piñera , winner of the presidential election in December, won with a strong and clear message for Araucanía: total rejection of terrorism and fight against violence with all the force and rigor of the law.

"It was also stated that terrorists should not receive a millimeter advantage and that we needed a much firmer hand." However, the former deputy states that "the government, despite the promising start, has given up its promises." and validate terrorism, hesitating in the fight against violence, retreating kilometers in its antiterrorist policy and, what is worse, by doubling the hand and relaxing the rules to face a violent minority that has kidnapped the Region of Araucanía.


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