Sunday , June 20 2021

Karol G defends the criticized tattoo of Anuel

On January 14, Anuel AA and Karol G released the song Secret, their first collaboration since they made known their love relationship.

In the video of the single, the singers are seen starring in tender and intimate moments, nevertheless, what attracted attention was when Anuel is shown tattooing a photo of both in the back.

The publication had nearly 10,000 copies, hundreds of comments and memes, criticizing the short time the relationship takes and speculating about what the singer would do when the relationship came to an end. It was both the turmoil that caused the tattoo that was the same Karol G, who on Wednesday defended the detractors with a video on his Instagram account.

"And if it was done, and if it was not done, what was tattooed, why or why not, and if it was private, and if it was public, what should it be? Secret -Because I'm going to give the credits, the initiative that was like this was mine – is simply to give the world a little bit of something else, of love and something true. And this video is a sign that love can change many things … Let the criticism, consign instead of who live something special, "said the singer.

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