Thursday , April 22 2021

Junior – Rionegro Águilas, by Liga Águila 2018: Formations, day, time and how to see it

Junior arrives to the game of return with a minimal advantage after the exciting closure that was in Rionegro. Eagles still do not give up.

Junior and Rionegro Eagles define a semifinal which could be settled from the first leg game with the three-goal advantage that the & Tiburon & # 39; achieved. Antioqueno proved to be a complicated opponent and willing to continue giving the fight that will have its final chapter in Barranquilla.


Jorge Luis Bernal will remain faithful to the style that led him to this stage and would form with the best of his payroll to continue dreaming of the final: Valence; Muñoz, Giraldo, Ramírez, Mosquera; Ayala, Vásquez; Gómez, Velásquez, Hinestroza; Osorio Botello.

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Junior of Barranquilla Liga Aguila 2018

Junior, on the other hand, will have the weight of the double competition because he will face the semifinal parallel to the South American Cup, where he is a candidate to continue in the race, although he left the best of his list while awaiting the medical evolution of Sebastián Viera. He was wounded by a blow: Viera; Piedrahita, Ditta, Pérez, Cifuentes; Cantillo, Narváez, Sánchez, Barrera; Gutiérrez, Díaz.

The meeting will be Sunday 25 November 17:15 (Colombian time) in the metropolitan stadium of the city of Barranquilla, and will be broadcast on the RCN channel.

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