Monday , October 18 2021

Julian Elfenbein's Answer to Jokes About Your Weight


Last Friday, the animator of Pasapalabra, Julián Elfenbein, was interviewed in Primer Plano, by his animator, Francisca García-Huidobro and Julián Elfenbein.

In a climate of confidence, once they are great friends, who will soon leave for Channel 13 spoke to him about his excess weight, stating "Robusto met you"

"How thick, you say?" "I'm fine." "Good evening, Fran," the cheerleader told Garcia-Huidobro, who said, "This is the ridiculous humor we've done throughout our careers."

Laughing, Elfenbein told him that he had returned to a "pretty normal schedule." I would tell you that, in terms of sport, I return to the robustness you told me at the beginning, thank you for the comment. "

"But his pants broke on the Telethon in front of all Chile!", Said the former partner of Julio Cesar Rodriguez with his characteristic tone.

Elfenbein: "I am more powerful than robust" … "They call me Miss Reef," he added.

"I'm in what cardiologists call" aerobic gymnastics, "which is basically starvation: walking, a bit of a bike, and this I do with a special trainer, sports, I try to go four times a week, , said the animator, who said he tries to go four times a week.

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