Judge Carroza sued and ordered to arrest Bruno Villalobos


O Minister visiting Mario Carroza sorted out to sue the former General Director of Carabineros Bruno Villalobos, in the context of the investigation into the student's death Patricio Manzano in the year 1985.

The judge decided to sue the general as an accomplice in the application of torture resulting in death and ordered his arrest.

The magistrate accepted the request of the Government's Human Rights Program and also of the victim's family, although the latter requested that he be prosecuted as the plaintiff.

Together with General Villalobos, and Under the same accusations, former police commissioner Roberto Soto was indicted.

The 21-year-old student at the University of Chile died after being arrested by a carabinieri group led by Villalobos – then a lieutenant – while working on a reconstruction project in San Felipe after the 1985 earthquake.

Yesterday, Minister Carroza conducted an "auditory and visual inspection" at the Third Carabineros Police Station in Los Andes, Valparaíso region, to determine the possibility of Villalobos being aware of the torture against young people.


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