Friday , October 22 2021

Juan Lupón presents seven tips for living with sclerosis


In 1978, while doing military service, Juan Lupón (La Garriga, 1956) had his first outbreak of multiple sclerosis. It was at this time a disease quite unknown to many doctors and, therefore, had no diagnosis until 1994.

His experience with this chronic and neurodegenerative disease is the subject of his book "An Outbreak of Hope".

"Once I promised a patient that he did not know how to accept the disease, he would write a book to tell my experience with the intention of motivating all the suffering people, their families and friends," explains Lupón, who worked in different jobs until He recently retired.

Do not fight, love her.

"I did not fight multiple sclerosis. On the contrary, I loved her. It's complicated to understand, but since I can not go against it, I go with it, "says the fighter, who was half paralyzed.

Now, apparently, it shows no external symptoms of this disabling disease. He never gave up, and for that reason he began to describe his experience in the case of being helpful to other people. His brother lives on the island and he travels frequently here, a place he chose to present his book.

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