Thursday , October 21 2021

Joydi TV: The Chilean Video Game Console


While the video game industry is one of the most profitable in the world, outperforming the film industry in profits, it has not been easy for Chileans.

In this context comes Joydi TV, console that runs under the Android platform. This was launched in 2015 for the market and costs about $ 49,900 and $ 72,990 pesos. Currently has more than 20,000 followers on Facebook and about 3,500 users classified as "Joydianos".

Cristóbal Villaseca, founder and general manager of Joydi told La Tercera: "We have seen that Android devices have started to convert TVs to Smart TV, some of them very powerful and we think, what would happen if we made a system that would allow us to use the joystick to play ? And so the idea of ​​Joydi was born, where our system allows to use the Android device with the joystick to play "

The console has a catalog of 100 titles; comes with an integrated joystick (wireless and rechargeable); can convert any TV to Smart TV (to use Netlix, Youtube and Spotify, among others) and has 16G of storage, the option to expand with an SD / USB / hard drive, bluetooth, four USB ports, Wifi and HDMI output.

"Between hours of development, web platform, prototypes and initial stock generation, we should have spent about $ 100,000. We also have to invest in advertising and marketing to be able to go out to the market," said Villaseca.

By 2019, they hope to expand their marketing to Peru, Colombia and Mexico. The console has the support of Corfo and has been featured in several incubators and entrepreneurship contests.

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