José Antonio Kast changes his mind and now does not rule out competing in presidential primaries in Chile Vamos


The former vice president of the UDI and current leader of the Republican Action movement participated directly in last year's presidential election and was subtracted from participation in the internal primaries of the sector arguing that "they were not real." Now, the option seduces you. "It's an alternative that we have opened," he confessed.

José Antonio Kast does not rule out the possibility of participating in some possible primary elections in Chile Let's define the right-wing presidential candidate in front of the 2022 elections.

That's how he saw it in an interview on a radio show at La Clave. "I do not rule this out, I think the scenarios are changing fast and it's an alternative we have today, we're working more collectively, there's a Republican Action Council, with which we make certain decisions." He said in the middle of an agenda agitated by Eduardo Bolsonaro's visit to Chile, son of the Brazilian president-elect (pictured).

Kast, a former UDI member and current leader of the Republican Action movement, participated in last year's presidential election, in which he received no less than nearly 8% support, or nearly 523,000 votes, according to official figures. of the Electoral Service (Servel).

Kast's statements in La Clave on the mechanism of the primaries are given at a time when in Chile there is still no official position on the participation of the leader of the Republican Action in this process, a question that divides the right block.

"They are not real"

Kast's statement contrasts with his position in 2017 when he retired from attending the presidential primaries on the right, despite multiple calls to participate, and chose to directly register his name on the presidential ballot.

On that occasion, he said he did not believe they were a "true primary", arguing that in the end they were organized to "privilege a candidate, in this case Sebastián Piñera," who won that election for Manuel Jose Ossandón and Felipe. Kast

Kast's turn in relation to the primary coincides with its strategy of strengthening in the sector, and this is what analysts saw as the director of Criteria Research, Cristián Valdivieso.

"What Kast did well is to polarize, to install with a certain validity within the niche, like Trump: what Kast does is polarize and opt for a primary," said the analyst in a recent El Espectador report.

In this tension imposed by Kast, his repeated declarations are made after the most severe end of the sector, openly criticizing the government on issues such as handling the Catrilean case or demanding even tougher positions on immigration issues, pressing Le Moneda.

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For example, when asked about his opinion about the "better times", he said that "in some cases, yes, when the Safe Classroom is approved, clearly the best times have come because it was is ending the violence inside the school's classrooms. "

However, he clarified that "when they approve the gender identity law, clearly these are not better times for me, or when they retire to the Gope, for me they are not better times."


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