Jorge Valdivia and Daniela Aránguiz They organized a confusing incident at a hotel bar located in Las Condes.

According to the newspaper The fourthIt all started as a quiet gathering of friends, but it did not end well. And is that the Public Prosecutor's Office investigates the complaint made C. G. R to the officials of the Seventeenth Commission of Las Condes.

The aforementioned media claims the couple drank a few drinks on the spot, but the conversation started to increase in pitch.

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"It was then that when they were ruled by the districts they were told they could ask for a final round to close their accounts. Something that Daniela tried to do immediately, but that was not possible because the men decided to consume one more dose," he wrote in the newspaper in the morning.

Who has lost patience with the whole thing – plus an allusion from her husband and a friend to a third woman – was Daniela Aránguiz, who according to the same newspaper "jumped at the local employee and asked if she wanted to perform a decent sexual maneuver to her husband, as it is written in the text of the aforementioned police station."

The information added that "after an exchange of phrases and with everyone standing, the dancer would also try to attack the waitress and here the idol of the albos intervenes." The part that was sent to the court speaks of an elbow of the "Mago & # 39; to the garzona and after a shove. "

According to the police report citing these means, the victim said that "After that he tries to take me by the hand, he squeezes my wrist and starts yelling and insult to get me out."

After the incident, the couple left the premises, but the facility official made the corresponding report.

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