Jorge Alís and his triumphant step in Viña: "This is a country that I want to take care of"


With 47.1 points of average classification and 50 of peak, Jorge Alís It became the most seen spectacle of the Festival of Viña del Mar, beating Felipe Avello.

A routine where he mixed everything, from contingency to social criticism, always with a high dose of humor.

For this reason, his first reflection was on this, about the importance of wanting to improve things in Chile. "I have lived in this country for 23 years, I have a family here. I am proud to feel like a Chilean more because I am a father and live in this land."

Following this line, he stated that he wants a better country, who wants to take care, where there are many inequalities present.

"We must realize that not only in Venezuela or in Africa children need to eat. There is a lot of inequality here, Chile is not given many balls out of Santiago among other things, "he said.

He also had words for the show he introduced, noting that it was a preparation for years.

"I remembered my grandmother, who is dead, a mother to me … I could not believe it at that moment. Seagulls are the final gift of everything that happened"he said after his triumph.


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