Joker, from Person 5, will be the first character as DLC


We're already on December 7, which means that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available today in all stores, something Nintendo wanted to celebrate at the 2018 Game Awards with an ad that took us by surprise to reveal what will be the first character to come in the form of DLC for the best Nintendo Switch video game this year.

Breaking all the pools that circulate through the net will be nothing more and nothing less than Joker of Persona 5, which leaves the door open for the next additions to be third-party characters, although this makes us think in passing, will be the fantastic RPG for the Nintendo hybrid console?

At the moment we do not know when this first character pack will be available, although we remember what you can do with the season pass Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to get the five that will arrive in the next months and that will give access to another series of elements.


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