Jeff Bezos tries to prove he will not be intimidated.


San Francisco, United States

He built one of the most valuable companies in the world from scratch and became the richest person on the planet.

Now Jeff Bezos he tries to show that he will not be intimidated into a battle of wills with a politically connected businessman, owner of a supermarket tabloid.

To know

The National Enquirer brought to light in January that Bezos had an extramarital affair with television host Lauren Sánchez days after the owner of Amazon and his wife, MacKenzie, announced that they were getting divorced.

Bezos (55) founded Amazon in the garage of his home in 1994 and was directing the company to become a colossus that dominates online sales, has streaming operations of music and television, food, cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and more.

His business also includes The Washington Post and private space company Blue Origin.

Although it has been in evidence for years for the growth of Amazon and for his estimated $ 133 billion fortune, he became the center of attention last January when he announced that after 25 years of marriage he had divorced his wife.

When National Enquirer magazine, controlled by David Pecker, President Donald Trump's ally, threatened to post the billionaire's intimate and sensational photos with his lover, he responded by posting the details of their relationships.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office is already investigating whether the National Enquirer has tried to blackmail Bezos, as the executive denounced in a news article, CNN reported.

"If in my position I can not stop this kind of extortion, how many people can?" Wrote Bezos in the blog service Medium. This bomb caused a wave of reactions, many in favor of his decision to face Pecker and the Enquirer.

"Not everyone can stop bullies, gangsters and extortionists, but if you can, you have to do it," said technology contender Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay.

David Pecker, director of American Media (AMI), the father of the National Enquirer, obtained immunity from prosecution in August 2018 in exchange for collaborating with authorities in his investigation into payments to silence two women alleged to have had extramarital affairs with President Trump, and they were carried out with the mediation of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

American Media reported in a brief statement that it initiated an internal investigation into Bezos's allegations.

The Hunger Games

Until recently, Bezos was seen as a studious and determined businessman, who ran his business with a relentless determination and avoided exposure to the spotlight, although it was evident that he collided with Trump after a series of attacks by the president.

Bezos insinuated in the text that the origin of the publications against him could be in the cover of the Washington Post, also of its property, in the presidency of Trump and also in Saudi Arabia.

For many years, Amazon was losing money, while Bezos insisted on investing profits to earn future profits, a plan that was late in bearing fruit.

Last year, the announcement that the company would seek a second seat, after Seattle, has launched a competition that has been rated by some of the "Hunger Games" and is currently being debated in two places: New York City. or on the outskirts of Washington.


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