Javiera Suárez details the complex moment she is going through because of her cancer: "I cried desperately"


With a devastating message, the journalist Javiera Suárez gave an account of the difficult time that she is living due to the cancer that affects her.

The creator of "Liveat" ventured into his account at Instagram, where he spoke about the severe pain he feels in the midst of his fight against the disease.

Ten photos have been published, including self-portraits and screenshots of WhatsApp talks. The first, he took in Colico, during a trip he did with his husband, son and pet.

But it was not like that … Doctors when they want to know their level of pain, they always ask from 1 to 10, being one, zero pain, and ten, the worst, "he began to write.

"I feel seven pains today," he said, explaining that the sensation lasted for days. "I had esophagitis for a week, which is the equivalent of feeling, even saliva, as if you were swallowing a match on the fire … I am weighing 45 kilos, and my hair also fell on the radio in the irradiated area I'll cover it with a handkerchief, "he continued.

"I cried desperately, thinking that maybe I would go crazy with such pain, feel that my body is a rag and I do not see how to make it go forward, I even got mad at God someday …" Even when I got fucked by 3 I need to be healthy, what does it cost? I screamed at the bewildered sky, "he said, noting that his family and nearby also suffer.

Finally, he indicated that "their love and faith keep me hopeful." There is a sentence that says, "This is going to happen …" And so it was, the other photos show that today I am better than yesterday. It should be better than today, and so we're going …


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