Friday , February 26 2021

Javiera Acevedo revealed the worst moment of her life and that made her hit the bottom of the pit: she recovered with the sport | TV and Shows

The figure of Javiera Acevedo is quite toned, because since 2018 began to exercise, which reverberated in his body, dropping several kilos.

In this regard, Javiera commented on the reason for this change in her life, for one with more sport.

According to Glamorama, it was in an interview with the website of Dinamo Women, where Javiera explained that it was at a time when it happened to her. a series of bad moments.

The 33-year-old actress said, "Since March 2018 (she started playing sports)." I proposed this as if I was already walking because everything was wrong at one point in my life. . Ending a relationship, you ran over the dog the same day, you fell, when they pass you like all those bad things and something follows you. "

In that regard, she commented that many people who love her told her that she was not well and that she finally realized it, so she told herself that she had to be better and worry about her.

When he wondered why he was not well, he realized he did not want to get up and felt heavy, so decided to focus on the sportbecause it cleared his head.

He added, "I'm thinking all the time, I'm thinking a lot, I'm number one in the head, to be there (walking around with everything), and it hurts me, I'm very insecure in that sense. I feel like my mother, "he said.

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