Jani Dueñas responded to the criticism and ridicule of Longton and Eyzaguirre


After his misstep at the Viña Festival, the comedian Jani Dueñas He made a self-criticism and took the opportunity to respond to the criticism of two men who were happy with the failure, Sebastián Eyzaguirre and Arthur Longton.

The former CQC published after its routine that "I'm so glad they put you in their place."while the face of eternal reality said:"This happens to you with the legend"

Dueñas was in "Put the blame on Viña", de TVN and Channel 13, he replied humorously to Longton: "I apologize to Arturo because he could have done better. It was not a good joke."

For Eyzaguirre, the response was far less gracious. "What did I do to him?" I told him I did not want to work at CQC. What is my place according to him? I had already forgotten that this person existed"

The analysis

Dueñas, over the hours, analyzed in the cold what happened to his show.

"I probably did not understand this scenario, but I was also in very unsuspecting territory for myself, I think there is no way to prepare and I did not want to compromise who I am or the topics that interest me to please an audience that did not know who it was, "analyzed Dueñas.

"I went with a proposal that it did not fit the audience that was. People who found me hungry found me hungry last week in Comedy or Frutillar. We were not compatible, "he finished.


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