Jaime Valdés thinks about leaving Colo Colo and speaks ahead


The "Bird" meditates to leave Pedrero, despite having another year of contract. One of the possible destinations would be Palestine, where he already had contacts.

Jaime Valdés thinks about leaving Colo Colo. The 37-year-old midfielder wants to reinvent his career in another club and, despite having a contract with the Cacique by the end of 2019, his intention is to bring the air to another club.

"2018 has been the smallest since I arrived, so I'm ready to move away." At that time, according to what he wrote on social networks, his idea was already clear, however, the expressions of affection from the fans motivated him to continue.

In this scenario, the second half was even smaller for the driver. With little continuity, he also had to deal with a rebound knee injury.

As you should know CDF News, Valdés has already made contact with Palestinian leaders, a club that has no problem opening up space for him, considering his training there. The next few hours are key to the future of the midfielder.


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