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I've had a cell phone for four years and I can do (almost) everything with it


Spain is one of the countries with the shortest life cycle of smartphones. According to Kantar, the lifetime of a cell phone on our borders is one year and eight months, a number that may seem low but that is significantly higher than five years ago, when we change cell phones every year and four months.

Usually, It is assumed that the life of a smartphone is two years mainly because it is usually the period during which manufacturers offer updates. We have the example in Android One, a Google program focused on the mid-range that guarantees updates for 24 months. After that time, the phone is not to become obsolete as it is still working, but is abandoned in favor of newer terminals. There are exceptions, of course, but we're talking in broad terms.

Spaniards use the same cell phone for an average of one year and eight months

The case of Apple is similar, except that the signature of the apple offers updates for longer, years.. The clearest example is found in the iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013 and has iOS 12. By the time it reaches the age of five, the iPhone is forgotten and stops receiving new versions of iOS and therefore to stop being compatible with some applications.

My cell phone is doing fine and I do not need to change it.

OnePlus One

The pace at which technology moves is very fast. It is a very complicated market that requires constant renewal, to such an extent that companies are almost obliged to launch a new high-end every year, up to two in the case of signatures like Samsung and OnePlus, for example. Given that we are seeing the price of devices constantly increasing, exceeding the barrier of one thousand euros, it is normal that there are people who Resist the change and prefer to handle with your terminal until they explode, as they say.

There are people to whom the improvements of the latest smartphones do not seem to be a strong argument for changing mobility

New phones mean better cameras, better sound, more features, more screen, more battery, more, more and more and more. However, there are people for whom these additions do not seem sufficient to change their. There are users who, while the cell phone is doing well, sees no reason to change it, a kind of resistance against programmed obsolescence.

We contacted some of them. to know their testimony, so they can tell us what it's like to live with a cell phone four years ago because they have not changed it and they miss something if they do.

Karmen keeps your iPhone 5S

Karmen Pascual, from Madrid, says he has an iPhone 5S (September 2013) four years ago. "They gave me to change the iPhone 4S I had before and replaced the iPhone 3GS.I always had Apple cell phones." When asked why he has not changed, Pascual responds that "still works well and the cell phones I like, which are the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, cost a lot of money and I prefer to invest in travel. "In a nutshell, he concludes," I still have a cell phone that suits me. "

All that glitters is not gold, of course. Karmen confesses that he misses a better camerabecause "although I usually use it in very specific cases, since I always carry a Nikon when I travel, if I'm with a person who has a higher phone, I ask her to take the photo and then pass it on to me." The screen is also a negative point, since it is "very small". Multimedia consumption has gained momentum in recent years and newer phones have adapted to the trend by offering panels that reach and even exceed six inches diagonally. Far from the four inches of an iPhone 5S.

Although your iPhone 5S still works well, it loses a better camera and a larger screen

Be that as it may,works well and has never been broken nor is it blocked like other newer phones, but other brands, as I see and tell me. "" The only problem, "Karmen continues," is that I can no longer upgrade the operating system, so there are new applications or updates that I can no longer download. But they are leisure, so for work, it continues to work. "

As for the model that would be purchased to renew it, Pascual does not go to the latest flagship brands, but prefers to bet on the iPhone 7. "There is still a high quality without reaching exorbitant prices of the latest models. I'm looking for efficiency, I'm not updated, but at the moment I'm not going to change. And if it takes a year to do it, maybe I would go to the iPhone 8 if it falls in price. "

Oscar Condés has a legacy Samsung Galaxy S4

Oscar Condés, partner of Xataka Foto, owns a Samsung Galaxy S4, the high-end that the company presented in 2013, March. "I bought it as a birthday present for my wife.At the time it cost us dearly (699 euros at launch), because it was a good cell phone.Not the last cry, but almost.About three years later, maybe four, It ended up in my hands when she bought another better one."

Oscar goes on to say, "I did not change because works well and is sufficient for what I use. As long as it stays as it is and does not stop working, I do not think I'm going to change it. I use basically to see emails, WhatsApp, Slack, some social networks, some photos and some calls from time to time. "It is also critical of the current situation of the smartphone market." It seems to me that the issue of smartphone prices went out of hand. A thousand euros a cell phone that will last a few years at full capacity? Are we crazy or what?

"It seems to me that the question of smartphone prices has gotten out of control.A thousand euros a cell phone that will last a few years at full capacity? Are we crazy or what?

Your Samsung Galaxy S4, he says, works well once in a while you realize the weight of age. "Sometimes I run out of space and the camera is not wonderful." As for the battery, "I changed several times.Even the original began to fail after a short time and they changed for us.Then over time I bought another supposedly original that did not last long and since then I bought several eBay very cheap (between 4 and 5 euros) because they fail every. I calculate that they last me year or year and a half, "phrase.

As for the change of devices, Óscar is resounding when he says that "I will not spend a fool on a cell phone. I think with 300 euros you can have very good cell phones. "In this sense," in my house we had several brands, but lately we have been faithful to Samsung, although today I think they have risen to the elite and I would buy a Huawei or a Xiaomi, which are furniture with a great value for money ".

Carlos Lanzat has an iPhone 5 that does not plan to change

Iphone 5

Carlos Lanzat, 23, of Malaga, tells us a similar case. Five years ago, an iPhone 5 was bought "because I saved money and decided to buy it to replace a malillo HTC". The price of the cheapest iPhone 5 was 699 euros when it was released there in September 2012. "I have not changed because it still works for me," he says. "I use to send messages through WhatsApp, calls, consult Google Maps and watch a specific video on YouTube."

However, he tells us that your device is already starting to give problems. "It does not charge very well because the entrance is a little broken and the camera has dust inside, so the results are far from what they were in their day." As for the battery, Carlos tells us that He opened the phone more than once to change it., which now "goes more or less" and that can reach "a day of autonomy, something less if I beat it." "Even so, if you compare it to any current cell phone, it will falter at all. Nevertheless, it works well for me because I do not demand it. It is good that I am able to write, call, listen, listen well and connect to the Internet to browse. "

"If you compare it to any current cell phone, it oscillates at all"

If you decide to change it, something that is not in your short-term plans, I would buy another iPhone. "I do not know exactly what, because I would not want it to be huge either," he says. Let's not forget that the iPhone 5 has a four-inch screen, so the jump to 6.1 inches of the iPhone XR (the cheapest of the last three iPhone) is at least worth taking into account.

An iPhone 6 that I would continue to use if I had more memory

Continuing with people who have an iPhone, we find Lucia (whose real name prefers to remain anonymous), a Madrilenian who owns an iPhone 6, a terminal that was launched in September 2014 and uses mainly to work. "I bought second-hand two years ago because I refused to spend a lot of money on a phone and no Android had just convinced me. After a few months I ended up giving some problems and I got tired, so I decided to make the leap to the Apple platform, "he says.

Still has not changed because "despite being second-hand it was not exactly cheap and let's just say he kept resisting me by leaving a lot of money on a smartphone. It also continues to work perfectly. "Lucia was one of the people affected by what is known as" Battery Gate, "so" I had to change the battery when Apple updated the operating system and some terminals began to weaken. It cost me 25 or 35 euros, but now I can endure a long day and even a day and a half. "

"I would not change my phone if I could put a microSD card in my current iPhone"

Where Lucia notices there is a storage and camera problem. "It's an iPhone only 16GB and between the operating system and applications, and although most of the photos I do not keep on the phone, I have been a little short, not to mention that I can not expand the memory with microSD cards. , especially if you put it next to other new phones. "

Unlike the previous two users, Lucia is thinking of changing phones"Although I would not do that if I could put a microSD card in my current iPhone," he says. Even so, "the time has come to change it and a new terminal will arrive in Reyes. I hope it's an iPhone XS 256 GB, because as it will be a great investment in a cell phone, I do not want it to fall short again in two years. " It's so big. The model you want is worth it. 1,356 euros on the Apple website.

Miguel Serrano continues with his Samsung Galaxy S6

Miguel Serrano is 23 years old and was born in Huelva, although he lives in Madrid. He is the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 "golden, but the normal, not the curved edges". The device was introduced by the Korean company March 1, 2015 and reached a price of about 695 euros. "I bought a long time for 320 euros in the permanence of Movistar subscription because of the features that was very good, in addition to being Samsung and have good camera and good performance," he says.

He tells us that use the phone for "a little bit of everything", surfing and browsing social networks, watching football or playing casually, and that has not changed "because now I have no money and it still works, as long as I do the truth, it seems silly to change it," he says. "Now, though it works, there are things that have begun to Go regular, like the battery and camera"

"At 18 months I had to take the phone to the SAT to change the motherboard, the screen and the charging port"

"The battery is dying sometimes and there are days I have to charge them twice.In fact when the cell phone was 18 months I had to take it to the SAT because it was blocked, it froze and they had to change the board- mother, screen and cargo port, "he says. On the other hand, "the camera gives me many problems with the autofocus, is not doing well and gets stuck. A friend of mine also happened to him and on the SAT they changed the camera, but this started happening to me when the warranty expired. "" Otherwise, "Miguel continues," that's okay. I have no problems with storage or with the processor. "

To change the device, something that Miguel has been thinking about, OnePlus 6T. "It was recommended to me by a friend for my partner and it goes very well, so I do not rule out this happening to my Samsung," he concludes.

Juan Pablo does not see the need to change his iPhone 6

Iphone 6

Something similar happens with Juan Pablo Hernández, a native of Madrid who also He has an iPhone 6 in his pocket.. "I bought it the year it came out, because I had to renew the contract with the operator and it came from the use of several versions of the iPhone." He tells us he has not changed because he is very fond of design and "so far I have had no problem with him".

Like Lucia, Juan Pablo He had to change the battery., this time twice. "The first one was because of the damage he had with the software and the second was because of the use I give him, since most of the time I use it to work, make connections and some navigation."

When there is nothing that does not work, Juan Pablo does not consider that there are reasons to change your iPhone

That's why You do not have to change this.. "Now I use more for people, like looking at the mail, social networks and amateur photography. I did not have any serious problems and there is nothing that does not work for me, so I do not see the need to change it." do so, it tells us: "I would go for an iPhone XS, mainly because of the taste I have for them."

Álvaro Pascual keeps his OnePlus based on spare batteries

Álvaro Pascual is a 25 year old user who was one of those people who bet on OnePlus during its beginnings. He currently has a OnePlus One and will "die with it". "I bought it because … You remember the time you went from one company to another, for very little, they gave you cell phones and stuff?" Well, I've had bad phones for years and I was tired. I saw this as an opportunity to invest in a powerful mobile, with good benefits at a low price, so when they opened the invitation system during Black Friday I bought it, and I did it as an investment. "

Alvaro, who uses his cell phone to talk, watch videos on YouTube and read books on the Kindle, tells us that He did not change because he did not need it.. "I did not break the screen nor did I have any fat problem, also because the level of storage capacity, processor and other specifications continues to perform well. It is true that from time to time it gets stuck a bit and I have to clean memory in the background and storage ". "After all," he continues, "four years ago he took and took documents, photos and videos and in the end, 64 GB are running out and begins to slow down. "

Battery is a problem that affects all old cell phones, although it can always be changed

Also note that fell short in terms of battery. "I had to change that several times. I bought the typical batteries that say they're official, but not because they change. You can give the cell phone a second life.. Also, I do not have the money to spend on a new phone. "However, he has no complaints about performance. The operating system, he says, moves well and" in the end you end up having affection. "

The only reasons why you would change your current OnePlus One would be for the Hard access to battery parts, the camera and "obsolescence via software, something that may come in the future." This means that some applications are no longer available or can not be upgraded to new versions.

Given its "good experience with OnePlus One," changing the terminal would do that for "the latest OnePlus model, though I fear that they enjoy it and no longer stick to the philosophy that, at a low price, they offer an extraordinary machine and start being a company that wants to get more benefits, although at the moment, from what I see and read, it seems that it is not so. "

"It's not about putting frames or goggles, but be careful"

Alvaro also has words for people who think that a cell phone can not last more than two years, and says that for a mobile phone you have to take care of yourself. "It's not about putting carcasses or tempered glass, but be careful and do things like putting it on the edges of the table, for example." He also thinks that "we have to calm down a bit the desire to always have the last, when most of the time we do not get all the juice we get on the phone."

Juan Garcia: "My 16 GB iPhone is worth what I use"

We end up with Juan Garcia, 28, of Malaga, who uses a three-year-old iPhone 6S. "I bought refurbished in July 2016 for 300 euros in the game to replace a Meizu who was bothered by the battery. I had used the iPhone before, so although I liked Android, I had the opportunity and went back to the apple. Value for money, even if it is refurbishedIt seemed good to me and I bought it. "

Like the rest of the protagonists of this article, Juan has not changed because it keeps working well and "while the iPhone is bombarding me all the time with the iOS update, I do not do it for fear of being interrupted by certain apps or the mobile device starting to slow me down."

"The basic applications and what I need to work work perfectly and I did not have to change that. Plus, the camera is fine and although it has 16GB of memory, it's what I use." needs, "he says. Even so, his cell phone is already two years old and note that the battery begins to weaken. "The pot goes a little bit, there are times when it goes off when it reaches 10%, although it is not usual."

As for its use, the person from Malaga uses "50% for staff and 50% for work, that is, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, e-mail, etc.". Not considered a person who uses the phone in a "very creative" way, then the camera is not a problem. Consider that your phone works well enough so you do not have to change it. "It is true that there are always updates and the brightness of the new is always there, but for me that a cell phone has a double camera or makes an emoticon with his face they do not seem to be a good reason to make an effort. With what I have, I'm doing very well. "

He concludes, saying that if he had to change it I would buy a Xiaomi, mainly because of its camera, available space and its characteristics in general. "POCOPHONE catches my eye and I think it's a good cell phone. I do not think I have to envy anything on an iPhone in terms of performance, although I recognize that the name does not look too flashy," he jokes.

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