It was a disastrous tournament for the Red Sharks


VERACRUZ.- The Red Sharks of Veracruz added only 10 points in the Apertura 2018 tournament, a situation that has irritants dissatisfied with the players of the team, as is the case of Hibert Ruiz, who criticized the step of Juvenal Olmos as technical director of the team.

"We suffered a lot with the people that were before, the truth is that we have not found a way to face the matches, it must be said, because many times points to the player and really what you put on the court is what you work on during the week, so if you do not do a good job, what happens to us happens, "the website said.

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& # 39; … We suffered a lot with people who were before … & # 39;

The stocking accepted that the tournament that the sharks had is not to forget and learn from the bugs, but they will look close it with dignity.

"The truth has been a disastrous tournament, by forgetting, we can not capture on the pitch what we wanted and is a last chance to close favorably with three points thinking about the quotient for the next tournament. "

To conclude, he highlighted the way work of the interim strategist, Hugo Chávez, who in addition to the tactical work, did a great job in the spirit, trying to raise the worst team of the 2018 Apertura.

"The truth is very comfortable, and if you keep asking about it you will find the answer very common, we are very happy with the work that Hugo (Chavez) does, with the management he gives the group, it was not easy because it's needed a downed team in all senses, not only in the tactical question, but in the mental question that is fundamental in this. "


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