Sunday , March 7 2021

ISSS to withdraw Irbesartan medication for hypertensive patients and warn patients about its use | News from El Salvador

Irbesartan is the drug that the Salvadoran Social Security Institute has decided to withdraw from its pharmacies because it is contaminated, according to a report from the National Directorate of Medicines. This product is given to patients with arterial problems.

According to the ISSS authorities, the respective measures have already been taken to remove him from the pharmacies of the social security network.

Insurance authorities, however, have made a major warning to patients taking this drug: the drug will not be replaced quickly and each patient will have to be evaluated by the medical staff to determine which substitute medicine is most appropriate. in each case. They have emphasized that patients should not stop their use.

In addition, the number 2244-4780 has been enabled so patients can reschedule an assessment visit and the medication is replaced.

They make the recommendation not to stop consuming Irbesartan in a radical way and reschedule their evaluation as soon as possible so that it can be replaced.

The report provided by DNM speaks of about 53 medicines contaminated with impurities such as nitrosamines, nitrosodimethylamine and nitrosodiethylamine.

The group of contaminated medicines are VALSARTAN LOSARTAN, IRBESARTAN, OLMESARTAN and CANDESARTAN. These medicines, according to DNM, are manufactured by ZHEJIANG HUAHAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD, ZHEJIANG TIANYU PHARMACEUTICAL CO.LTD AND HETERO LABS LIMITED, of Chinese and Indian nationality, respectively.

According to the report released by DNM, its use can not be suspended drastically, since it could affect the patients who use it. The recommendation is to approach the prescribing physician so that he can replace them with others of equal or better quality and meet the appropriate safety requirements.


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