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Is there a? The trends in shoes for 2019 that the famous Chileans are already using | Fashion and beauty

The new year began and with it came different fashion trends that you should certainly consider having in your closet. In this context, shoes are essential to match any piece of clothing.

For this reason, on our website, we have made a collection of trends in sports shoes that are a rage in social networks.

Colorful, classic and sporty, are part of the varied range of styles you can use in this 2019. Here are some of the drawings and recommendations of some experts:

Classic White

It was in 2011 when white sneakers (classic style) began to conquer the fashion world, and apparently came to stay in this new season.

This type of footwear can be used for any type of occasion, be it a sporting event or a formal dinner, explained Sara Fernández, head of stylists at Vogue Spain fashion site.

Well-known brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma have made collections in this white style, in collaboration with celebrities like Rihanna and Kanye West, as well as stylists like Stella McCartney and Riccardo Tisci.


Despite being designed for physical activities, this type of footwear has become a trend for any occasion and blends perfectly with a casual look.

From varied colors and shapes, sneakers offer the comfort you need in your daily work.

In this context, Paula Butragueño, Nike Master Trainer pointed to the website of Cosmopolitan, that in these cases it is better to prefer a shoe with less cushioning and that is lighter, to allow its footprint to be more natural.

With platform

In the style of singer Dua Lipa in the Champions League, the trend of platform shoes has taken a lot of influence in the fashion world. Whereas they were released in the 1990s.

Apparently, the idea of ​​growing a few inches loved the celebrities. In addition, this sports shoe can add an important color to your clothing.

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