Is it over? Writer of "Blood Alliance" reveals final date and recording of several finals


The TV series 13, Blood Pact, has become a phenomenon not only enjoyed by viewers in their homes, but also by Internet users on social networks. after the end of each chapter, where they develop various theories.

But who knows the series better than everything is Catalina Calcagni, plot writer who recently gave an interview in which he talked about the construction of the characters as well as the end of the story and its end date.

The journalist Monserrat Martorell, spoke with the writer who assured that the construction of each character is a "very dynamic and fun" work.

"It's the fun part.We made a map, we knew that we had defined these four friends, and since the universe of teleseries is closed, we had only sixteen actors to create"He assured her.

But what everyone wanted to know is When will the end of the TV series and the writer, in a brief, delivered the information.

Catalina Calcagni said that they planned "several finals and then one of them could be chosen"Finally he added that it would be expected that the evening will come to an end in April.

Here you can see part of the interview.


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