IPSA has its worst day in 15 months and loses everything gained in February


The electric was suspended after an abrupt fall. Falabella also contributed his thing.

The announcement did not take long to echo in the national stock market. Following the announcement of the $ 3.5 billion capital increase, Enel Americas shares plummeted 10.13%, its biggest drop since 2012, when the Enersis Group announced a capital increase of nearly $ 6,000 million.

As a result, the Italian capital company lost US $ 1,234.3 million in market capitalization in a single day.

This was the stumbling block that the Santiago Stock Exchange announced the suspension of the stock price from 13.09 hours, requesting that the company inform, "as soon as possible, about any special circumstance or relevant fact that may explain such variation significant ". In response, the company indicated the announcement of the capital increase.

The world of investors coincide with the origin of this collapse, anticipating a flood of stocks in the market, traders say.

Enel Americas is one of the heaviest shares on the S & P / CLX IPSA index payroll, so stumbling has left a marked mark on the index price.
The selective added a fall of 1.88%, which left it at 5,372.59 points, its lowest level since mid-January. It is also the worst day since November 2017, when, after the first round of presidential elections, the selective fell sharply by almost 6%.

By Tuesday's close, IPSA was moving steadily to close February with a gain of more than 1%. Driven by the fall of EnelAm and Falabella's poor performance (see note on page 20), this has disappeared all at once and now the index adds losses compared to the end of January.


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