Instagram would be evaluating to eliminate the likes of photos


There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most social networks massive currently and that's why every day, developers are testing new functions in order to improve the experience of its users.

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Facebook's subsidiary social network would be evaluating doing a powerful change, and that is that, one of the most important elements of Instagram are the "likes", which They serve to measure how "successful" or "popular" a photo or video we share may be.

Because of the above, Instagram would be testing the possibility of "eliminating" the number of tans a publication has, giving them the option of hiding them so that users can not see them.

This option was found by the engineer Jane Manchun Wongknown for discover hidden functions Within apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to Manchun, from Instagram they point out that "We want your followers to focus on what you share, not on how much I like what your posts get."

This filtering follows the recommendation made by the Office of the British Information Commissioner, who suggested services such as Instagram or Snapchat, which give the option of Turn off the number of tanned in your services, so that adolescents do not become addicted to these platforms.

Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch specialized media that what is filtered is an internal prototype that is not yet visible to the public. "We are not testing this (the function) at this time, but Exploring ways to reduce "pressure" on Instagram is something we are always thinking of ", they pointed out from the social network.


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