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Inspection reports identity of 15 of 19 deceased in State of Emergency

The Public Prosecutor said to name the members of 15 of the 19 fatalities recorded since last week. All the news that he had come on October 18 had been declared a State of Emergency.

The different legal entities of the country currently investigate 17 of the 19 registered deaths.

The 15 confirmed identities just now:

Western Metropolitan Regional Inspectorate:

  • Paula Lorca Zamora (45), San Bernardo.
  • Alicia Cofré Peñailillo (42), San Bernardo.
  • Alex Nuñez Sandoval; Maipú.

Sur Metropolitan Regional Office:

  • José Atilio Arancibia Pereira (74) Construmart, La Pintana.
  • Eduardo Alexis Dear Pino (44) Construmart, La Pintana.
  • Agustín Juan Coro Count (52, Peruvian city), Puente Alto.

Maule Regional Inspectorate:

  • José Miguel Uribe Antipani (25), inherited by firing of the army.

Biobío Regional Office:

  • Manuel Rebolledo Navarrete (23), inherited from Marina's infant.

Coquimbo Regional Office:

  • Kevin Gómez Morgado (23), inherited by Army personnel in separate incidents.
  • Romario Veloz Cortes (26, ecuatorian city), inherited by the army in distinct incidents.

North Central Metropolitan Regional Inspectorate:

  • Renzo Barbosa (Peruvian city), deceased in Leader Quinta Normal.
  • Manuel Jesús Muga Cardemil, Kayser Renca
  • Andrés Felipe Ponce Ponce, Kayser Renca
  • Yoshua Patricio Osorio Arias, Kayser Renca
  • Julian Marcelo Perez Sanchez, Kayser Renca

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