Friday , April 23 2021

In the street: Man dies after ingesting cyanide

An intense police operation was recorded Thursday morning after the discovery of a lifeless body of a man who, according to the fire department, had ingested cyanide.

According to Major Muller of the Fourth Fleet of Nuñoa, he pointed out that in one of the pockets of the deceased was found a bag containing cyanide, reason why the emergency operation was quickly carried out and the quadrant was isolated to proceed with the cleaning. of the place.

As the remains of the powerful poison were found in the corpse's mouth, Carabineros alerted the situation to the firefighters, who arrived at the scene with the team of experts and closed the perimeter.

This led to an extensive operation in Ñuñoa, a commune where on Friday a man was found dead and with a part of that chemical element among his belongings.

According to Carabineros, the circumstances in which the event occurred and the motivations that led the man to consume cyanide are unknown.

Upon completion of the emergency protocol, the reports of experts from the Homicide Police of the Investigation Police will be opened to clarify the incident.

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