In England they explain the downfall at Alexis level


"Far from being a star, now I only see an emotionally impotent and physically disabled player," a media reported, stating that Arsenal knew the downfall suffered by the Chilean.

"A brilliant star that burned: the fall of Alexis Sanchez"so called The Independent a note dedicated to the fall of the tocopillano soccer.

The historical marker had a terrible stay at Manchester United, where he scored just 4 goals in 28 games. He was an idol in Arsenal, relegated in his current cast.

The Chilean is injured and would return to play in 2019, although he is not known if with the shirt of the "Red Devils", since in Europe speculate with his departure.

The English midfielder said at Arsenal and warned the decline in the performance of "Child Wonder". Especially for the large number of games he played in each season and that Arsene Wenger called the "red zone" (his last campaign in the London team played 59).

The huge wear he was dragging was one of the main reasons the Gunners let go. It is also noted that the French coach was surprised that United bet so strong for the Chilean, who has signed the highest contract in the history of the Premier League.

Also the emotional theme is emphasized, in Arsenal had very demanding and very obvious reactions against his comrades, "now these demonstrations are desperate."

Sanchez has always been lonely, so he lived his three and a half years in London, but this increased in Manchester. The striker trained in Cobreloa is "alone in a huge house with his dogs and the rain". In addition, they describe it as "Extremely unhappy".

Your Frustrated Signature Manchester City He could change the story. The cast of Josep Guardiola would have given him more chances to stand out, unlike his current club.

The Independent added that the salary that Alexis receives only a couple of equipment in the world can pay, one of them is the PSG, but the French are no longer interested. Real Madrid and Inter Milan can be options as long as they "despair" in the European winter market.

"Far from being a star, you now only see an emotionally helpless and physically disabled player", the British newspaper closed.


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