In "Blood Pact", Benjamin neglected in detail that could incriminate him with Karina | TV and Shows


The faithful nightlife crowd of 13 people is increasingly entering the plot, and so they appear on social networks as they launch their theories, chapter by chapter.

Thursday's broadcast was high-impact for several reasons. The first by confirmation of the death of Karina (Antonia Giesen), who was found by Dominga (Antonia Aldea) who arrived at the house where they transmitted the erotic shows with Daniela (Antonioa Bosman).

Then viewers witnessed what would be the beginning of the second part of this TV series, now with a new intro video, in which the images of what will happen in the next chapter will be seen.

Among these images, there are many cries and anguish, funerals and violence. After that we could see how Benjamín (Álvaro Espinoza) began to leave the responsibilities, lying to the owner of "Aquário", saying that it was never Karina to find him and clean the room.

capture channel 13

capture channel 13

So he went to church to ask for forgiveness and to pray for his sin. Next, Trinidad searches for Elvia's bar (Patricia Guzmán). Then, in the house, the "Benja" asked for forgiveness with tears in his eyes.

After the chapter was a breakthrough in which the madness and despair of Ignacio (Rodrigo Walker) to learn of the death of his dear Karina is shown. In the next scene, Benjamin goes to the mirror and this image is appreciated:

Capture Channel 13

Capture Channel 13

That was enough for twitter users to start releasing their theories, because with that bite it is likely that the "master plan" of the character of Alvaro Espinoza begins to falter. Here the reactions:


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