IMDB has just launched Freedive, its free Netflix with ads


It's something like Crackle. but with better content.

In a market saturated with multiple streaming platforms that require a monthly payment, an alternative driven by nothing comes IMDB with which you can watch free movies.

It is about Freedive, a new service at no cost where anyone could view the content, whether in series or movies, at no cost.

Although yes, the site has advertising inserts and multiple ads on its interface. As a mix between traditional TV and streaming buccaneering platforms.

The rules of the game are exactly the same as other free legal platforms. As Crackle O Tubi. If they have not tried the latter, they should try. It has the original Suspiria and the Angry video game nerd.

IMDB Freedive

Returning to Freedive, the evil genius behind all this is obviously Jeff Bezos. So, Amazon customers also have direct access to this catalog; of your Fire devices. Whether or not you are primary customers.

If you tried to sign in to Freedive, you will have noticed big big problem which has the platform for now. Your service for watching free movies is only available in the United States.

Although, following the logical sequence of Bezos emporium; It would only be a matter of time before reaching other territories.

Better wait.


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