Ignacio Lastra confirmed the end of his novel with the reality exchica Silvina Varas | TV and Show


After the serious accident that occurred in September 2017, the life of Ignacio Lastra changed forever. However, the model struggled to recover almost complete after suffering burns in 90% of his body.

In November, he announced that he had also found love again Silvina Varas, exchica reality with whom he maintained a relationship within Double temptationof Mega.

"Once I said that my life was science fiction." Surviving is science fiction and the one that had a science fiction cock! Well, God gave me the latest science fiction show and It's Silvina's love, my dear … after so much you're still for me. And for my happiness! Thank you for making me so happy in so little, "wrote Ignacio on the Instagram.

Two months later, the novel came to an end and, as is his custom, he made the news known on social networks.

"We ended our relationship with Silvina. I really appreciate all the good vibes and affection they have shown us, but we are two people with different ideas and thoughts. I wish the best in the world and also in me the best of both is in a small image in the heart, "he said.


The model also gave its version in the same way. "Sometimes, even if you want something, you can not always impose yourself, especially if you involve another person with your will and way of thinking, no matter how much you love yourself. He is a wonderful person, I will try to keep what has made me happy, which has always been more. Let everything be for you, moni, "he said.


Before the accident that kept him on the verge of death, the model was in a relationship with Julia Fernández, Brazilian participant of the same reality. His novel was over and several months later he returned with Varas.

"At one point I told my best friends that I would never have a girlfriend or even a beautiful girlfriend … if I look at her and I cross over I could not imagine kissing again, "Lastra told Las Las Noticias.

"It's been a long time since we had had no connection with Silvina.I have the motto that I do not go back to my ex and I do not talk to them anymore because they are ex for a reason.The only thing, once, I sent a message thanking to him for seeing me when I was hospitalized, "he added.


Remember that in recent months, Lastra has focused on her recovery and her work with Marío Ortega on the Youtube channel. Bizarre bombers, where they post videos from different areas, as well as interviews with television figures.


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