Thursday , April 22 2021

Ignacio Lastra and new pole: I did not imagine going back to kissing

A week ago Ignacio Lastra and Silvina Varas They made their reconciliation known after their two-year break. The couple had been affectionate and passionate in social networks, which aroused the interest of their followers, and why both numbers made public their new relationship

The communicator and former model was honest in an interview with Mon, noting that he is very happy and that this "return" with Silvina is an exception to the rule, since he does not usually return to his former partners. "At one point I would tell my best friends that I would never have a girlfriend or even a beautiful girlfriend … if I look at her and I cross over. I did not even imagine kissing again, " Lastra said in the middle.

"It's been a long time since we had any connection with Silvina. I have the motto that I do not return with my ex and I do not talk to them anymore because they are ex. The only thing, once I sent him a message thanking him for seeing me when I was hospitalized."Lastra said referring to when he was in the clinic for the auto-plastic accident that left him with the 90% of your body burned a little over a year ago

The couple began to resume their conversations on Instagram, and after a while they decided to meet in a bar in Providencia to see for the first time since the accident, which was there Lastra asked Silvina again and she accepted. "We asked immediately if we were not being rushed. I looked at her and I said: we always were like that, our formula is spontaneous"

Ignacio Lastra is will operate the face in January next year, sooner than he had planned, because his doctor recommended it, so that within three years the scars will be less noticeable.

Ignacio Lastra reveals he will undergo face surgery

The former boy of reality, Ignacio Lastra, caught the attention of his followers on social networks with a publication in which he reveals that he will undergo surgery on his face. The publication was in the context of a photograph he published on Instagram, in which he confirmed his relationship with Silvina Varas, who was his former partner in previous years.

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