"If the bastard is Paredes, beat me 10 more like him"


After the controversial departure of Lucas Barrios that slipped some criticism to the Captain, the journalist Jorge Sánchez came out in support of Paredes.

The term of the championship did not take away the controversies of Monumental. The non-renewal of Gonzalo Fierro bothered the fans and part of the team. The same happened with the unexpected departure of Lucas Barrios, who came out with controversial statements, accusing his companions of little commitment and pointing to a divided dressing room.

For this reason, the journalist Jorge Sánchez wrote a column in support of the captain of the Colo Colo. Column that we share below.

"If the bastard is Paredes, beat me 10 more like him"

The captain and leader of the country's most popular team was accused of having "privileges," "training when he wanted," being a "bastard."

A man who, I know, is one of the most correct in that wardrobe, was unnecessarily muddy. If the Tank does not like something, it tells you. If you think they have been unfair to you, defend it. And if you do not have something, it helps you in silence.

But beyond the human quality of the striker, I put the ball on the ground and compare the performance of both on the court. Lucas scored 4 goals in the half and Esteban scored 7. And that did not play the last two games because he was suspended. This pure number is enough to know who was contributing and who is not, since both play together in Popular. Because in soccer it is not enough to arrive before all of them train and leave the last one. Not even to score just one important goal (the score against Corinthians), nor to say that this is not the "Colo Colo 9 years ago". Well, when Barrios left, Paredes arrived and already has four Olympic laps with the Cacique … Calladito!

In other words, glory is obtained on the court and not with pompous statements when you get out of trouble. So if "7" is "bastard", I want 10 more like it on my team.


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