Monday , October 18 2021

"I will look for the way to study": the uncertainty of the national math score that does not know if it will get the free


"An hour before they phoned me, my family reviewed my socioeconomic results and it appeared that there was an inconsistency in the data we had given. We were very disappointed because I was sure I could apply for the bonus."

The words are Vicente Agüero, 18, one of the 221 national PSU scores he obtained in the Mathematics test.

The teenager pointed to Emol as he reacted when he discovered he had the 850 test points. "My family was jumping on one leg when we knew it," he said.

The problem is that he does not know if he will receive gratuity, something vital for the young man. "I live in Curicó, so to study the career that I want, I would have to go to live in Santiago and there I have no family, that means looking for rent and starting from scratch," he said.

"Now what we have to do is appeal, if I do not receive the bonus, I will find the way to study, but I would be in debt," Vicente lamented.

Finally, the young man thanked the teachers for all the help they gave him. "When they told me about my score, they said I had to keep it a secret, but in any case, I called my teachers to thank them for the support they always gave me," he said.

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