"I seat, but do not miss"


Several reactions have left the controversial statements of the national singer Camila Moreno against President Sebastián Piñera and his current government.

After being consulted in an interview with The clinic For the appeal he made in the last elections not to vote for Piñera, the artist commented that "I always think of how piglet they voted for it hueWho were the idiots? They were horrible times."

"I am ashamed to say that I live in Chile and there is a president named Piñera, I am very ashamed. And what worries me the most is that there are so many things that have come out of the closet in the last three years. People voting in Kast, this idea that homosexuals go to hell or to pro-life people. And this is expanding. It's like now the beads are released, I do not know, it's very rare"He added.

Along these lines, one of those who reacted to the statements of the interpreter of "Te Quise" was Benito Ceratison of Gustavo Cerati and the Chilean Cecília Amenábar.

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The lead singer of the band Zero Kill went to his account on Twitter, where he endorsed Moreno's statements.

"Camila Moreno, you bank, but do not waste it. The Chilean preserves everything, "he wrote on the social network.

It is not the first time the son of Gustavo Cerati has referred to political issues in Chile. Earlier he made a series of statements where he said that "the extreme right-wing Chilean facade makes the extreme right in Argentina is Sesame Street."

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