"I really said that?": Pancho Saavedra suffered a hilarious flaw during the UdeC ceremony | News


The University of Concepción did a special activity on Thursday to present its new shirt for the 2019 season. To do this, the board contacted Francisco Saavedra, so he could liven up the event.

It was just like Pancho & # 39; came to the traditional Udec Forum in the capital of the peninsula, where he shared with the athletes of the institution and local supporters. Of course, in the middle of the performance, the animator made a mistake that did not go unnoticed by the audience.

According to BioBioChile, Francisco confused his name and referred to the team as Sports Concepcion, club of the zone that currently ascended to the Third Division A.

"Thank you, dear Concepcion, congratulations to all of you. Win without pride and lose without rancor", launched the driver Places of conversation, while in the background it was possible to see how the players played with the rascal.

After a moment, Pancho & # 39; noticed the error and immediately apologized: "Did I really say that? I did not realize it", launched at the end of the event.

The chascarro did not go unnoticed on social networks, especially for fans of Deportes Concepción, who appreciated the "greeting" in the middle of the UdeC presentation. On Twitter, the animator could only comment between laughs: "The condorito".


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