"I never imagined that a kiss could kill my baby": the pain of a mother after losing her daughter


A deep sadness lives the family of the small Kiara Cummins, who died 14 days after being born in the city of Yorkshire in England, the product of a herpes that she would have acquired through a kiss.

Kelly Ineson and Thomas Cummins They were new parents and yearned for the child's birth, however, and for reasons they are still investigating, her daughter died of an infection that over the course of time became a sepsis: an inflammatory response of the body to a serious infection

"We were always very careful and we did not let in anyone who looked ill or who did not wash our hands. We asked ourselves if we remembered someone who, with bubbles, had kissed her, but never and never would," said the mother. one Daily Mail.

Doctors induced the child to a pharmacological coma and told his parents that if he survived, there would be a high probability that he would end up with brain damage.

"There is insufficient information on this disease, not even in health professionals. All I want is for parents and doctors to instruct themselves about the simple herpes virus and how devastating it can be, "he said.

Still not understanding what happened, Kelly said he reviewed "every detail of what happened again and again, desperately searching for an answer to what happened, but I do not think he finds it, and that's what's killing me. told us that it is very likely that Kiara contracted the virus when someone kissed her. Never, even in my worst nightmare, did I imagine that a kiss could kill my baby and I do not want any other parent to have to go through this. "

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