"I have to do tests": the health problems that have recently plagued Coco Legrand | TV and Show


The renowned national comedian Coco Legrand It did not go very well in the morning.

As reported by the national newspaper LUN, the comedian had problems in audition last time, which harmed him in his work on the stage.

"I hear it internally, it's amazing.All my sounds, even when I put my teeth together when I chew", he began to point.

According to the artist, an accumulation of fluid in the middle ear has less hearing.

"I have to do tests, an x-ray on both ears to see how much fluid is present. I feel more deafness on the left. Everything is under medical evaluation. There is a significant hearing loss ", he added.

Pablo Ovalle Isasmendi | Home
Pablo Ovalle Isasmendi | Home

Alejandro González, his real name, emphasized that these problems could have been caused by the strong temperature changes.

"Usually with excessive air conditioning that freezes when traveling by plane. After the change of climate to the place we arrive, heat or cold in a matter of hours," he said.

As explained by the comedian, the sensitivity of the acute sounds begins at the age of 40 in a very light, and the lows since the 80s.

"It's hard to discriminate letter sounds that are in milliseconds, so it's hard to understand. With hearing loss, isolation begins in older adults ", he said.

"It forces me to speak and speak louder to listen. I hope I do not get a neck operation on the eardrums, which are hoses to drain," he said.


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