Saturday , October 23 2021

I did not expect this: Toarii Valantin received a special Christmas gift that made him cry in & # 39; Red & # 39; | TV and Shows


In the middle of the year-end celebrations, Red, the color of talent He stopped the competition last Friday to give a special gift to a member of his team, Toarii Valantin.

It turns out that the singer, like so many other people in the country, will spend Christmas away from his family, so the production of the program gave him a special gift. It was Álvaro Escobar who explained that it is not easy to pass these dates away from loved ones, so they gave him this gift.

It was a video where it was possible to see different relatives of & # 39; Toa & # 39; sending greetings in their native language (remember that the singer is Tahitian). Seeing the pictures, Valantin could not help but hide his tears when he saw his uncles, grandparents, cousins ​​and friends.

"It's a lot of fun for me because it's my family, I have not seen them for two years, since my father died, it's difficult. For me, Christmas is not so much the gifts, nor the food itself, but in Tahiti it's for join the family "explained the member of the Red Clan through the tears.

Toarii thanked the gesture and commented that for months he does not communicate, for example, with his grandmother. In fact, when they repeated the video and the Tahitian explained who they were in the video, she could not stop crying when she saw her grandmother again, acknowledging in passing that due to his work in Red and the time change with your country, was not given the time to call you.

According to what Valantin said, in Chile he only lives with his mother and two brothers, and the reasons why he did not travel to the island are strictly personal and family. Although, apparently seeing these images and greetings, Toarii made it clear that at least communicates with his loved ones to know what they are like.

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