"I can not say that Matías Fernández is not in the plans"


Matías Fernández has difficult times in Junior de Barranquilla. The highest paid player in Colombian football has shown very little of his repertoire and criticism is growing. In the midst of this controversy, Tiburon coach, Uruguayan Julio Comesaña, talks to La Cuarta and ensures that the wheel is still in his plans.

"How'd you see Fernandez since you came back to the club?"

When I arrived (he picked up on May 4), the Chilean had a muscle injury that did not allow him to practice regularly, less play. A couple of weeks ago, he started practices regularly. Now he is in good physical condition, that is why I will take him to Ibague, where we will face Tolima for the local tournament.

– Does the stockbroker have a contract until the end of the year?

Honestly, I do not know, but I understand that it is.

– I ask why his name sounds to reinforce Colo Colo in June. The player is in his plans?

Obviously, it is an element of the club. I can not disqualify anyone, or say that Matthias is not in our plans. Except in your case. He's an extensive travel player, I will not find that out right now. There is still no competition, but we'll see when it's ready. Besides, I do not have many options to improvise. I believe that if he plays five straight games, he can walk. I hope you can help us.

– So far he has received a lot of criticism …

I can not discuss this right now. It has to be in good condition to compete. I do not see him hurt, he's not fat. Let's wait a little, we must believe in your ability, in your professionalism. You must have confidence. He is a selection player, who played in Italy, Spain, Portugal.

– It has always been said here that he is a player who needs emotional and special treatment …

I do not know, sometimes the years go by and players get to places where the best circumstances for them are not generated.

– Did you talk to him?

That's right, I talked to him because he deserved to get close to me. It was a very pleasant conversation, Matías is a good boy, very respectful and disciplined. We talk a lot about his position on the field of play, where he can give the best performance. He explained that he likes to play as a creative pamphlet behind "9 & # 39; However, when he told me that in Italy they moved into position, that they made him play as a sort of '8', doing the work for the band, right and left. But you have to be very prepared for it, to do the whole journey, we'll see if that gives you the gas to reach it.

– In Mexico, it was said that he had a chronic knee injury …

You may have a chronic knee injury. Talented players like Fernandez are chased and beaten, more than the rest. They are creating osteoarthritis in the knee and hips, but they are things that can be overcome. I'm not saying this is the case. All long-distance athletes are exposed to this type of wear.

Borghi: "He's a boy who depends a lot on good treatment"

In time to remember the best version of Matías Fernández, all point to the 2006 Colo Colo, when he was chosen the best of all in America. Claudio Borghi, his coach this season, knows him well. "He is a boy who depends a lot on good treatment and feels comfortable," recalled the world champion in Mexico in 1986. So the "BIchi" remembers what he said to Calerano: "This is important but that everything does not depend I tried to take his pressure off him. "

Because of the expectations generated by the "14s of whites," many were not happy with their career, though Borghi is clear at this point. "He who has to determine whether it was good or bad, is him, not us." Villarreal, Sporting Lisbon, Fiorentina and Milan were the Mati clubs in Europe.


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