Huachipato – Colo Colo live: National Tournament, Date 9


43 & # 39; Paredes had the first !! The & # 39; Tank & # 39; but the ball hit the ball on the crossbar.

40 & # 39; Huachipato had it! Baeza almost scored the first after a powerful cross kick.

38 & # 39; Costa finished off on the next post and Cris Martínez drove the ball to the corner.

38 & # 39; Free kick near the Colo Colo area, after the hand of Bizama.

35 & # 39; After the good game between Mouche and Opazo.

33 & # 39; The duel is becoming more balanced. After the great beginning of the Colo Colo, the steelmakers equalized the actions.

29 & # 39; Blondell finished from thirty meters, but the ball goes out deflected. Take the bow to the Colo Colo.

27 & # 39; Urra again saves the steelmakers! Pavez ends out of the area and the guard of the southern club was attentive.

24 & # 39; The stewards claimed criminal penalties in Blondell in the previous game, but the referee ruled out the allegations.

23 & # 39; Long center of the right sector that Cortés intercepts. Huachipato begins to generate soccer.

19 & # 39; Altamirano helped Cris Martinez, but Brayan Cortés was kind to cut the shot.

16 & # 39; Valdivia tried a new opportunity on goal for Paredes, but the early center was in early position.

14 & # 39; The image of the Eighth Region begins to generate its first movements, even without danger in the Arch of Cortes.

10 & # 39; The Colo Colo continues to press. The albuns do not allow Huachipato to make more than three consecutive passes.

7 & # 39; Urra saved Huachipato !! Mouche pulled from outside the area and the aruqero very attentive to manotear.

6 & # 39; What Costa missed !! Valdivia passes to the attacker, but the latter finished very weak.

5 & ​​# 39; Coast centered, but cleared the steel defense. The match is very intense.

5 & ​​# 39; Huachipato finds it difficult to play. Now the Colo Colo will have a free throw in three quarters of the field.

2 & # 39; Colo Colo pressing in those first minutes. Suazo finished at the entrance of the area, but the steel defense intercepted.

1 & # 39; The match between Huachipato and Colo Colo began for the ninth date of the National Tournament !!

The pre-competition work continues at the CAP stadium. The match will start at 17:30.

Colo Colo lost Cristian Gutiérrez for this duel due to injury, but recovered Óscar Opazo. Thus, the national team will be on the left side and Felipe Campos will occupy the square on the right.

Huachipato had an irregular campaign that has them 10 points in eight games. In fact, they come from miss the last day against La Calera.

Colo Colo hopes to be among the outposts and intends to consolidate the game that led them to Dramatically defeating the last date of O & # 39; Higgins by 3-2.

WELCOME TO FRIENDS OF HOW! We begin with the narration of the duel between Huachipato and Colo Colo for the ninth date of the National Championship that will begin at 17:30 hours in the CAP stadium.


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