How to use your account on two different phones at the same time?


Do you have more than one cell phone and want to have your WhatsApp account open in both? Yes it is possible, although you need an app.

In these times it is becoming more common to have more than one cell phone, but as you know, you can only have your account WhastApp open in one. That yes: no problem you can have it on your cell phone and on a computer with WhatsApp Web at the same time, and more or less there goes the trick.


How to have your WhatsApp open on two phones

We speak of the same account of the messenger, with the same telephone number and your same messages. Chats will be available on both devices no problem some. The key to this is a third-party application that helps you emulate a session as if you were using the Web.

The application we talked about is called ZapClone and you can download it from the Play Store, you do not need to download the file of sites with a dubious reputation. Its use is very simple:

  • Download the app and open an account on it
  • Go to the configuration within the application and find the QR code that will provide you with Web style
  • When you see the code, scan it with your main cell phone. This will be the one in which you already have your session open in a normal way. Just like when you open web session
  • Okay, now you must have WhatsApp on both devices. Remember that when you read the messages in one, they will be marked as read in the other and this also works just like on the computer: for the second session to be maintained, the cell with the main session must have an Internet connection.

Magic quite simple, but not less useful. Just be careful with those crazy people who might want to spy on you and have you controlled, because anyone could use this app to open your account on your cell phone.


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