How to see the best meteor shower of the year in Chile


Do you like to see the sky? O precious stones, probably the best meteor shower of the year, will peak in the wee hours of the morning Friday, December 14. The best time in our country to observe them will be between 01:00 and 02:00 in the morning.

This show, called "stars rain", occurs when the Earth passes through the orbit of a comet, stellar objects that leave behind a trail of gas and dust that, when it enters the Earth's atmosphere, it disintegrates and shines.

The case of geminids is "very special" because this meteor shower does not come from a comet, but from the Asteroid Phaethon (by Phaethon, son of Helios, god of the sun)an exhausted comet without volatile elements that was discovered in 1983.

Phaeton, which measures 5.10 kilometers, approaches the Sun every 1.4 years, but it is also the closest asteroid to the star of all known, even more so than the planet Mercury, an approach that makes its residues is burn, forming the gravel tail that gives rise to the meteor shower.

Although the meteor shower started on December 4, this phenomenon will peak at night and early morning from Thursday to Friday, when it will be possible to see "one or two meteors per minute." The rain will be observable until the 17th.

To take advantage, you just need to have a good view and look at the sky after midnight and in the opposite direction of the moon, to avoid its brightness. During Friday, this meteor shower can be seen live on

The announcement of Nasa:


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