How to add custom stickers to WhatsApp on iPhone


The stickers were a great arrival for the iOS version of WhatsApp A few weeks ago, however, as always happens in these cases, the variety of stickers was quite small. Now a Spanish developer, more specifically Jacobo Rodríguez, who has uploaded an editor of stickers and stickers for WhatsApp in the App Store.

That's why today Let us know how you can add your own custom stickers to the WhatsApp on the iPhone. This will not only help you to add, for example, stickers created on the basis of your photographs, but you can also create stickers for any photo you have downloaded directly from the Internet, regardless of copyright.

Well, as we said, the first thing is to download StickersApp which is so Create Stickers in the iOS App Store completely free, although it has an integrated payment that will allow us to eliminate the few ads that it has, which you said you can use it as much as you want, but you will be able to support the development through integrated payment. In short, now with the steps to follow.

  1. Get the app
  2. Click the upper right corner to add a new package.
  3. We add all the photos or images we want in our library or directly to the iCloud Drive file browser.
  4. We returned and clicked on "Export".
  5. Click the "No WhatsApp" option.

So let's open WhatsApp and we just have to add them. However, we must specify the details that we must add at least six stickers to have no problem when creating a package and especially remember that the application has a series of additions that you can see in the video of the part. that is, you can edit the photos and adjust the size of the stickers added to WhatsApp. It's time to customize your stickers on WhatsApp also for the iPhone.

Create tag (AppStore link)

Create sticker

Jacobo Rodriguez


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