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How the different public services work this Monday – Paraná


This Monday, the different services will work with restricted schedules in relation to the rest of the week.

Waste collection

On the occasion of the Christmas and Christmas celebrations, the municipality of Paraná established a special timetable for garbage collection.

On Sunday service will be at night; On Monday, the collection will take place in the morning and afternoon shifts; while on Tuesday 25, will be resumed with the night service.

To avoid the accumulation of waste and keep the city clean, it is recommended that citizens dispose of garbage at appropriate times and always within the containers provided in each block of the city.

Supermarkets and shops

On December 24 and 31, large supermarket chains and other stores set their doors for sale to the public earlier than usual. Other SMEs almost always extend a little more. In most cases, the hours are up to 18.

This measure is taken so that employees in the commercial area have time to get off work and arrive on time at home to spend the family vacation.

So the union that unites them, taking into account that people often go out to buy things about closing hours and marketers must keep the doors open for business, this year they launched a campaign that they spread through pamphlets. or social networks, in which they ask consumers for a "gesture of solidarity".

In it, they specify: "As we always do at this time, for the Christmas and New Year holidays, trade workers suggest to our neighbors, whom we serve throughout the year, to shop in time, not at the last moment , so that we may all celebrate!

Hospitals and health centers

To guarantee the essential services and operation of the different facilities, the government of Entre Rios stipulated for public administration personnel, through Decree 4480, of December 14, 2018, a holiday (December 26 to 28) and a recess ( between January 2 and 11, 2019, on account of the annual ordinary license).

For its part, the Ministry of Health has issued Resolution 5206 which establishes the provision of essential and unavoidable services in hospitals and health centers through minimum guards.

With respect to reference hospitals, in Paraná, the Hospital San Martín attends an outpatient clinic during the hours of 8 to 11: Ophthalmology Guards; Nephrology; Cardiology; Oncology; Hematology; Infectology; Gynecology and Thoracic Surgery (Wednesday and Thursday); vaccination for yellow fever (Wednesday and Friday), Biochemistry and General Surgery (Thursday).

Similarly, in the capital of Entre Ríos, Materno San Roque Children's Hospital reported that the services of Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Otorhinolaryngology, Healthy Child (morning shift), Urology and Plastic Surgery (the latter two per license) will not be performed externally. While they will do external consulting in the areas of: Dermatology (fourth and fifth), Surgery (Sixth), Traumatology, Speech Therapy, Neurology, Nephrology, High Risk, Adolescence, Endocrinology, Oncohematology, Palliative Care and Ophthalmology.

For its part and for the purpose of securing benefits during the administrative holiday next week at more than 200 primary health care centers in the province, the Ministry of Health established through the above mentioned regulations, the relevant health planning and organization This way , it was established that provincial health establishments will be open during the days 26, 27 and 28 of December at the usual times, with the exception that basic health care will be provided.

However, the tasks and functions that will be performed during those days will be assigned and planned by the responsible directors, according to the dynamics of the care establishments and with the understanding that the complexity of each of them will determine the way. to provide better service delivery.


The urban transport of Paraná on Monday, December 24 will circulate with the frequency of Saturday with final of tours to 21 in each heading.

On Tuesday, December 25, the service will be like a Sunday or holiday. It will be provided from 10 am, with completion of the routes at 22 of each head, with a frequency of approximately 60 minutes between the cars.


Banks across the country will not show up this Monday, December 24 or 31 as part of the year-end festivities. These days, refills will be made but it is recommended to withdraw the money in advance due to the fact that there could be a fault due to the payment of the Christmas bonus.
However, ATMs operate normally.

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