How much is it worth to subscribe to all streaming services?


Since 2007, the emergence of Netflix has triggered a race against time, putting content on every possible screen, providing the user with a wide range of streaming services. Calculator in hand, we look at how much each subscription plan available in the formal market costs.

Given a wide range of applications and streaming services, most offer a free trial ranging from a week to a month. In this way, you can know the catalog offered and make a decision according to the preferences of each user, but not only the quality of the catalog is important: you should also pay attention to the stability of the service and your experience as a user.

The best known and the widest catalog is Netflix. The big N has three membership options according to the HD quality available and the number of screens that can be viewed simultaneously, so you can pay from $ 4,590 with the basic plan to $ 7,390 for the premium plan. In this option, up to four screens can use the service, so the unit value would be $ 1,848 per month, just over two transantiago trips at peak times.

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What jewelry can we find here? Own production with successes as Weird stuffthe controversy House of Letters and the addictive Luis Miguel: the series up Fargo and Breaking Bad or the posthumous film of Orson Welles, The other side of the wind, released this year.

* The first $ 4,590.

For fans of HBO productions – responsible for the beginning of the golden age in television productions – the channel created the application HBO Go, available since last year in Latin America.

The platform has the complete seasons of original series of renown as The Sopranos, The wire and Six feet downand more current as game of Thrones, Real detective and Westworld. Its value: $ 7,700 per month.

* The sum remains at US $ 12,290.

Another television and film giant, Fox, has available Fox APP, a no-cost benefit for cable TV subscribers who activated the additional service.

Here, users have access to series such as Outlander, Vikings and The Walking Dead, which after 9 seasons is already a must. In addition to documentaries by David Bowie, Gustavo Cerati and Charly Garcia. The Fox application is completely free and has no additional cost for pay-TV subscribers. Consulting the different services, the package Fox Premium has a value of $ 7,490 (in VTR and Movistar) or $ 6,990 (in Claro)

* One step through the calculator and we're in: $ 19,280.

Not to be outdone, the online sales expert, Amazon, not only set up a streaming service Amazon Prime Video, if not that it also bets, like Netflix, to produce its own content. Within this group we have the must-see The wonderful lady Maisel and American Gods. In a second group, the purchased content (ie not Amazon original), we can find the comedies The office (the remake of the British version), Mr. Robot and the classic Seinfeld.

It has a free period of 7 days (enough to do a marathon of any series) and then the association has a price of 2.99 dollars ($ 2,050) in the first 6 months and then rises to 5.99 dollars 4,100) per month.

* We add and we have that the three main streaming services cost together: $ 23,380.

Crunchyroll, the largest catalog of anime and manga available in streaming, with simultaneous broadcasts to Japan (one hour after its broadcast in Asia, they are published with subtitles in Spanish) and series as Hunter X Hunter, Shingeki no Kyojin and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, has a monthly value of $ 2,490.

* It would all be in: $ 25,870.

Exclusive to customers

There is another bundle of applications or services unique to customers on different pay-TV platforms, which are including the ability to see almost all of the programming.

In case of Clear Video, your customers can rent recent versions and access premium services such as NOGGIN and CRACKLE (Sony's subscription service). The cost of the monthly subscription is US $ 3,500 and has a wide catalog of Chilean films and programs such as The 80's.

* If we stay ambitious, the calculation remains at $ 29,370.

Other cable providers, such as Movistar and VTR, have also expanded their services to online television platforms.

In case of Movistar Play From any device, you can access movies, series, documentaries and live TV, and you still have the option of adding Netflix to your account. This application has no cost for customers who have a plan with Movistar Television.

In the case of VTR Play, it has access to HD channels and access to free content from VOD of movies and series, is free to VTR television customers.

* In the case of VTR, your HD TV plan has a value of $ 21,990 and, in the case of Movistar, HD Pro $ 22,990. With both plans in the pocket, the operation is at: $ 74,350.

Finally, Directv also offers its On Demand option, DIRECTV Play without additional cost to customers of certain plans, while the cost of the basic package is $ 19,999 per month. Within the cable providers, they are the ones that offer free trial for 7 days.

The great differentiation that this application has is the wide variety of sports channels with live content.

* What does computing say? Battery Roll: $ 94,349. It is difficult to see in Chile each of the streaming payment services available in the formal market and in addition to pay-TV services. $ 94,349.

Although the offer of these services is very wide, the phenomenon is in full growth and with no intention of stopping, hardly everyone wants a piece of cake widely popularized by Cuevana. Remember: not only do you need to look at the catalog, but it is also important to service stability and experience that gives the user something as simple as searching and browsing.

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