How Falabella will invest the $ 4,200 he announced for his 2019-2022 investment plan


37% of the resources will be used to strengthen the company's digital strategy, logistics infrastructure projects and information technology (IT) optimization and development. 34% will be used to consolidate the expansion of Falabella (including IKEA) in the Region. And the rest will be invested in reforming and improving the integration between physical and digital channels.

Falabella announced an investment plan of $ 4.2 billion for the period 2019-2022 and has clear objectives.

Of the total, 37% (US $ 1,554 million) will be allocated to the optimization and development of information technology (IT) projects and logistics infrastructure associated with its different retail formats.

The goal is to enhance the customization of its offering through BI and Artificial Intelligence, "will strengthen cyber security and drive the growth of Linio, the regional market acquired in August 2018," a statement said.

34% (US $ 1,428 million) will be invested to continue consolidating the regional presence of all business units, through the opening of five shopping centers and 95 stores mainly in areas where it has no presence, which includes the development of formats IKEA. in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

29% (US $ 1,218 million) will be used to optimize the potential of existing stores and shopping malls through expansions and renovations aimed at strengthening the positioning of own brands, continue to develop Click & Collect spaces and allow better synergies between the different physical and digital channels.

US $ 1,084 million in 2019

Falabella will invest only US $ 1,084 million next year, among which it plans to open 23 stores, two malls in the region and a new distribution center in Peru that will provide all formats in that country.

Excluding the effect of the exchange rate (considering 2019 the same exchange rate as in 2018), the plan is 11.2% higher than the plan announced by Falabella last year and will be reinforced by operating expenses for the company's digital transformation

Falabella's general manager, Gaston Bottazzini, explained that "Falabella is making the investments that will sustain the company's future growth. We are building an ecosystem of integrated services that allows us to serve our customers throughout the region whenever they want and the format that we are convinced that this will consolidate Falabella as the most important digital and physical ecosystem in Latin America. "

The investment plan considers 100% of the investments of Falabella and its subsidiaries, including Sodimac Colombia, Sodimac México and CMR México, which are not consolidated.


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